Original Disposable Cigarette Filters – 100 Pack – Amber

  • One of America’s most popular filters for over 50 years!
  • Ridiculously convenient —Simply use and toss.
  • Super affordable – Just pennies per cigarette.
  • Each filter good for an average of 6-8 cigarettes. That means 1 bulk bag can cover MULTIPLE CARTONS of smokes!
  • Buy in bulk and save up to 40% off already low prices
  • Fits all standard-sized cigarette brands.

Price: $22.99

Your Can’t Beat the Original – Especially Not at These Prices!

Our world-famous TarGard Original Disposable Cigarette Filter has been a smoker’s favorite for over a half century. Incredibly affordable and simple to use, each Disposable filter can be used for an average of 6-8 cigarettes, which means a single bulk bag will cover multiple cartoons of smokes!

Not interested in cleaning dirty filters on a regular basis? No problem – Enjoy the simple “Use and Toss” convenience of our popular Disposables!

Key Features
  • Double impingement barriers, for super effective filtering.
  • Larger capacity mouthpiece – helping you smoke more cigarettes through each filter. *While holding capacity varies by smoker (and cigarette brand), our customers typically report between 6-8 cigarettes per filter.
  • Proven design and quality materials – Our filters won’t affect your draw or the taste of your cigarette!
  • Amber color blends in nicely, but still let’s you see what’s happening inside your filter as it fills up.
  • Every Disposable we sell is backed by TarGard’s Satisfaction Guarantee and our fabulous US-based customer care team.
Buy Bulk & Save

We’ve been selling our Disposable Filters in convenient, easy to carry 10-pack cards for over a half a century. But when you buy in bulk online, each 100-count bag will save you over 40% off already low 10-pack prices!