Permanent Cigarette Filter System

  • World Famous – Incredibly popular cigarette holder/filter for over 50 years; The only brand loved and trusted by Hunter S. Thompson!
  • Cleanable/Reusable – Quickly and easily disassemble to clean. With occasional light cleaning, our users report their filter can last for decades!
  • Affordable – Over time, costs less than a penny per cigarette to own and use.
  • Effective – Watch your filter work again and again with the clear mouthpiece or hide the effectiveness inside the black mouthpiece. Comes with both mouthpieces, you choose!
  • Perfect Fit with Your Favorite Brand – Fits all standard-sized cigarettes. To use with slims, just add TarGard’s Slim Cigarette Adapter (sold separately).
  • Won’t affect cigarette draw or taste.
  • Backed by TarGard’s Satisfaction Guarantee and legendary customer care team.

Save a Ton with the Bundle!

Our convenient Permanent Filter Bundle provides discounted pricing on everything you’ll need for years of cost-effective filtering. You’ll get:

3 Permanent Filter Systems – 

Each Filter System contains one premium metal filter mechanism, one high-density rubber o-ring, one clear mouthpiece and one black mouthpiece.

2 Custom Cleaning Brushes – 

Designed to help you clean your filter quickly and effectively, our custom cleaning brushes feature a heavy duty pipe cleaner on one end to pull debris out of the filter, and a small bristle broom on the other end to sweep things clean.

20 Replacement O-Rings –

Eventually, even our super tough rubber O-rings can fail due to use and/or repeated disassembly during cleanings.  Not to worry – each discounted System Bundle comes with 20 replacements!

Price: $1.00$15.99


Years and Years of Reliable Filtering for Just $5.99!

It’s true. The world famous TarGard Permanent filter can provide effective, affordable filtering for years. All you have to do is quickly and easily clean your filter system from time to time to keep it in tip top shape.  Our Permanent Filter System has been a crowd favorite since it was first introduced over 50 years ago. Why? Because it provides reliable, effective filtering for less than a penny per cigarette.

Each Permanent Filter System comes complete with:

  • 1 Premium Metal Filter Mechanism
  • 1 High-Density Rubber O-Ring
  • 1 Clear Mouthpiece
  • 1 Black Mouthpiece

Is My Permanent Filter System Easy to Clean?

In a word,… yes!  We provide clear instructions on every package, and online we share tips and tricks from loyal TarGard customers who have smoked with the Permanent Filter for years. Cleaning only takes a few seconds, and if you’re worried about having to clean your filter while you’re out in public, do what so many of our other customers do and simply keep an affordable back up system on hand that you can use until you have time to clean.

How Often Will I Need to Clean My Filter?

The number of cigarettes you can smoke between cleanings will depend on your cigarette brand and your own personal smoking styles.  Many of our loyal TarGard customers smoke a full pack of cigarettes through their Permanent Systems between cleanings. Other report an average of 10-15 cigarettes.

Who is Hunter S. Thompson – “The King of TarGard”?

We were very fortunate to have Hunter S. Thompson (author of books such as Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, The Rum Diary, Gonzo, and many others) as one of our most loyal customers. He always kept several cleaned Permanent Cigarette Filter Systems on hand so he could make sure he never had to smoke without one. He was quite vocal about the effectiveness of TarGard filters and was a very gracious brand steward for TarGard. In fact, he was such a big fan that he was rarely photographed without a Permanent Filter in his hand!

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