Permanent Filter Accessories

    • TarGard’s world famous Permanent Filter System has been an industry leader for over a half century.
    • Why? Because with a little maintenance and regular cleaning, it can provide reliable filtering performance for years and years!
    • The convenient, affordable cleaning brushes and o-rings described below make regular maintenance a breeze.
    • Please note that these accessories are designed specifically to work with TarGard’s Permanent Filter.

Price: $1.00$2.99

Convenient Accessories for the TarGard Permanent Cigarette Filter

Our world famous TarGard Permanent Cigarette Filter has been an industry leader for over 50 YEARS! First sold in 1963, it continues to be the best value in filtering today because it can be used, cleaned, and reused again – time after time! Depending on how much you use your Permanent Filter, and how often you disassemble it to clean it, a few pieces may begin to show wear over time. That’s why we offer the following affordable, convenient replacement parts and cleaning accessories!

Replacement O-Rings

Our high-density rubber o-ring seal on the Permanent Filter will last a long time, but depending on how often you take your filter system apart for cleaning, it will eventually begin to stretch.  When it does, simply reach into your bag of inexpensive, easy to install replacement o-rings and get back in the game! Each bag contains 20 replacement o-rings.

Cigarette Filter Cleaning Brushes

Designed to help you clean your Permanent Filter quickly and effectively, our specially-designed Cleaning Brushes feature a heavy duty pipe cleaner on one end to pull debris out of the filter, and a small bristle broom on the other end to sweep things clean.


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