Permanent Filter Bargain Bundle

Our convenient Permanent Filter Bargain Bundle provides deeply discounted pricing on everything you’ll need for years of cost-effective filtering:

  • Three Permanent Filter Systems
  • Two Cleaning Brushes
  • 20 Replacement O-Rings

All for just $15.99. You save over 25%!

Price: $15.99

Permanent Filter Bargain Bundle Details

3 Permanent Filter Systems

Each Filter System contains one premium metal filter mechanism, one high-density rubber o-ring, one clear mouthpiece and one black mouthpiece. Never hurts to have a fresh backup on hand when you don’ have time to clean your used filter!

2 Custom Cleaning Brushes

Designed to help you clean your filter quickly and effectively, our custom cleaning brushes feature a heavy duty pipe cleaner on one end to pull debris out of the filter, and a small bristle broom on the other end to help sweep things clean.

20 Replacement O-Rings

Eventually, even our super tough rubber O-rings can fail due to use and/or repeated disassembly during cleanings.  Not to worry – each discounted System Bundle comes with 20 replacements!